This is where we unfold

Our Weekend Hustle


  • Single Tab: Multiple YouTube videos in a single tab.

  • Create playlists: Everything remains organized.

  • Chrome Extension: Lightweight Chrome extension.

  • Chrome Extension: Clip notes directly from your chrome browser.

  • Android Application: Allows you to clip notes from your android phone. Lightweight.

  • Sync: App to browser and vice-versa.

The Squad

  • Anurag Sharma: A computer geek with magical superpowers to transform coffee and soup into code. Known for his whimsical sense of humour. A movie buff, otherwise.

  • Abhishek Garhia: A shy polyglot with an obsession for solving real world problems using his forte. Programming is what he breathes in and out.

  • Shubham Bhatt: The visualizer of the team with an eye for design and development. Hates to sit idle, you will always find him fiddling with keyboard or books.